Back in January, I wrote about my venture off social media. Unfortunately, because Twitter was so pervasive as a news source, at the time I wasn’t able to completely cut off. In the months that followed, I swung all of my news sources to an RSS reader (hello 2000s!), I moved my email to HEY (not using Gmail has been a refreshing change of pace), and deleted almost all social media apps off my phone and tablet, except for one I discuss next (although the accounts were left in place).

I needed to keep some kind of connection to a forum where I could associate with my peers, and Reddit is as close to focused conversation around a particular topic that I can find without all of the drama that comes with it (e.g., the dumpster fire that are comments on Twitter posts). I have narrowed my participation in Reddit to a very select few subreddit communities, and it gives me just enough of a social media interaction experience that I don’t even miss Facebook, Twitter and the like.

Going back to RSS land has actually been a nice change of pace. There is the matter of missing “late-breaking news” that surfaces to the top of a Twitter feed, and Reddit tends to fill that void, while RSS gives me a nice digest of things that are of interest to me.

So today – email, RSS, selective use of Reddit. I’m enjoying it, and I’m not constantly living in a state of anxiety from what I read on Twitter. Because of the success, I plan to delete my Twitter account on January 1. It’s been a fun(?) 12 year ride, but it’s just not the place it used to be.

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