I have been exploring the perfect solution for simple blogging for quite some time. I gave WordPress a good run. Then Medium. Then Jekyll. I’ve gone around the block on blogging solutions so many times that I just can’t pin one or the other down.

Every time I settle on a commercial service, I will get that gentle reminder in an article I read or podcast I listen to that says you should own your content; it should live somewhere you control. The IndieWeb adage of “publish own site, syndicate elsewhere” always comes back to haunt me as soon as I set up a commercial service. But, the features and convenience that commercial services such as Medium (before their monetization strategy began to overwhelm the ease-of-access) and Substack offer makes the experience of publishing from within a commercial service so. much. more. enjoyable than the effort of maintaining your own platform.

So once again, I’m in that struggle of determining my path for the next iteration of blogging. I welcome comments that might help steer me down the road as I decide where I will park my future thoughts.

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